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remember that 58 plaza that i had for sale........?

From: brandon
Date: January 08, 2001


hey guys, well, i have to humble myself for a moment to apologize to all of you who waited for weeks on end for pictures of my car. let me refresh your memory... a couple months ago, i advertised a 58 plaza four door for sale, complete, but in need of restoration. well, i promised pictures, but i got ahead of myself in advertising the car, as i had not even taken any pictures of it yet. it took so long to get the pictures that i no longer had the addresses of those interested parties in my box. please forgive my for being overzealous. i will post the car on the for sale page again with all of the details, i now have pictures scanned and on disk to send out immediately upon request. thanks guys. brandon p.s. brian cooper, will a 58 four door do instead of a 57? if so, contact me, lets talk.


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