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Re: Adapters

From: Tom Noonan
Date: January 20, 2001


Hi Mike. Did you mean the 57 301 flywheel has an 8 bolt pattern (you mentioned 6)? I do not remember any of the 57 engines having a 6 bolt pattern (6 cyl. or 8 cyl.). If my memory is wrong, are you drilling new holes for use on your 8 bolt 354 crank? Also, please supply more information on your 354 engine swap. I have a 392 hemi with the A-833 4 speed combination in my 57 Belvedere already. I would like to share notes. I also had a 130 tooth flywheel made from a 146 tooth original 318 flywheel as you said you did. However, I did not have to have new pressure plate holes drilled as you did. I made the adapter plate from a 3/8 piece of steel which allowed me to bolt a late model starter directly to the bell housing, which is from a 360.

Thanks, Tom


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