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terje, lowering your 57 plymouth......

From: brandon
Date: January 26, 2001


hey, i read your other post, adn to answer your question, no, there is no trick to adjusting the torsion bars. raise the front end of the car completely off of the ground to get the weight off the tires. when you crawl under the car follow the torsion bar towards the back of the car until it terminates in the crossmember just behind the front tire. the cross member is U shaped, and each bar has an adjusting bolt up inside the crossmember...crossmember looks like this... [---] and the bolt will be between the sides... ^ where the arrow points. anyway,the bolt is just like any other bolt, righty tighty (to raise the car) and lefty loosey (to lower the car). adjust them altrenately (this one 1/2 and that one 1/2, this one 1/2 and that one 1/2. and make sure you do it in small increments, a little goes a long ways.


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