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V-8 mating to old bellhousing?

From: Brian Cooper
Date: January 28, 2001


Here's the scoop on the truck so far. I need to contact PlyDo for the disc conversion, I plan to go stock out front to keep costs down, and it seems to be strongest. I plan softer springs in front for comfort though. My next BIG problem is driveline considerations. I want to go small MoPar, like 360 or breathed on 318 (340 seems to rare for low dough) but I can't figure out what to do for a tranny. The obvious easy choice is to make a new pedal assembly, pitch the stock crossmember, and go automatic. But Here's the catch: the crossmember that the brake / clutch pedals sit on is the bellhousing for the stock tranny. The flathead bolts to the front. I could easily re-use the pedals with some crafty power brake tinkering and use one of those trick aluminum overdrive tranny's out of a slant six Duster. They seem to be the rage now, and I could keep 3.90 or so gears for launching, and the overdirve would keep my revs down on the highway, which I drive LOTS.

So, how do I hook a small MoPar up to my stock bellhousing? A big MoPar means too much hacking on the frame, and the small block should slide in easier. Is there an adapter for this, or should a small block just bolt right up? I've only done swaps on generic motors cars, so I don't know MoPar bellhousing shapes, hell I've don't even have a motor nor have I built a MoPar v-8!!


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