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Not a bad idea,if you can get it to work.

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 01, 2001


Well Brandon, the A500 would be well suited to your needs. That would be a good transmission for a mild small block 'highway cruiser' car. It's just getting it to shift with the pushbuttons that's the big problem. If you got it to work, then you'd have a great setup.

DEFINITELY do not use a lockup torque converter!

The only 'against' point about the Gear Vendors is its cost. ($2395 for a 727,last time I looked) And really for a mild small block highway cruiser an A500 would be good enough. Doing all the work to make it shift yourself would save the otherwise superhigh labor/fabrication/testing bill you'd get if you had a shop make your A500 pushbutton-shift. A shop bill would raise it to the point where the Gear Vendors would be worth the (less extra by that point) extra money,but as a Do-It-Yourself project the A500 pushbutton project would make good financial sense for your car. It's just a hell of an undertaking to do....


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