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No,not really!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 08, 2001


The discontinuance of the Plymouth name will have basically no effect on the worth of classic Plymouths. For example,a '57 Chrysler 300-C is worth more than a '57 DeSoto Adventurer,despite the DeSoto name having been discontinued 40+ years ago. The 300-C is worth more because it's 'more desirable' and buyers will pay more.

As the owner of '60 and '61 Plymouths,I know that my cars will always be worth less than '57 and '58 Plymouths (why? see above),but I love 'em anyway and could care less about that.

In my Feb. '61 issue of Motor Trend,a '28 DeSoto was for sale in the classifieds,with the notation 'recent decision on marque increases value'. Well for the 40 years since,'28 Chryslers have been slightly ahead of '28 DeSotos price-wise.

NOT to imply that people don't desire '57 DeSotos (I sure do!),'61 Plymouths,'28 DeSotos,etc. It's just that the market value is judged on the car's merits,not whether the nameplate is still in production. '85 Oldsmobiles didn't suddenly become worth $40,000 in the last few months,right? A '49 Olds is way more desirable for a collector than a '79,and GM pulling the plug on the name doesn't change that a bit. Really, even Edsels are worth about the same as the equivalent Fords (same year and model). So Plymouth being discontinued does not make all old Plymouths suddenly worth their weight in gold,they're worth what the individual car is worth.


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