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heeeey Davin

From: brandon P.
Email: chrome_fins@yahoo
Date: February 09, 2001


hey davin, whats up? well, i saw in that post about plymouth values that you said you liked the 57 desotos. there in a 57 or 58 (not sure which) in a slavage yard about 15 minutes from my home. it is a two door car, in fairly good shape. needs floors, interior, windshield, basically needs restored. car is black with the side trim swoop. i think the quarters are ok in it. has the 350 cu. in. engine and i think it is automatic, but i dont remember. i would have loved to have it, but A. cant afford it, and B. dont need another project right now. the guy only wants $700 for it. the yard is probably about 10 acres, and jam packed with old stuff. all of it is in good shape, and he has a variety of makes and models, not just mopar. in fact, mopars are probably in the minority. 1 more desoto(54) and a 61 or so chrysler, but he has a lot of other stuff. een got a 67 427 stingray convertable in the main shop. cant drive it cause the bank owns more of it than he does. just sits hidden in the corner blocked in by engines, and other heavy immovable parts. the car is NOT for sale, but everything else is. he's even got two rambler marlins. kinda rare. if you, or anyone else would like info, i could get it for you, just let me know. brandon


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