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Executive Special Order '57 Belvedere

From: Paul Hoffmeyer
Date: February 12, 2001


On Saturday, Feb. 10, my son and I went to the World of Wheels car show in St Paul, MN. There we saw what first appeared to be a '57 Fury, except for the Chrysler wheel covers. On closer inspection, we saw it was a Belvedere painted like a Fury. The build sheet was there on display(obtained from Daimler-Chrysler) along with pictures of the car as they found it and photos of the restoration process. According to the factory info displayed, it had taxi suspension, full power except windows, factory air, was called an Executive Special Order car and may be the last surviving one of very few made. Oh, yes. The engine was listed as the '392 Hemi Com- mando'!!!!!!!! YES!!! Under the hood was a Firepower Hemi with 2 later replacement AFB carbs! The valve covers were gold painted with black spark plug covers. The carbs were fed from 2 sheet metal ducts into one large black air cleaner hanging over the left head. On the top of the aircleaner was a small decal that read 392 HEMI COMMANDO. Things were understandably close fitting but everything cleared and appeared entirely factory. The engine was rated at 345 HP and there were no bulges in the rocker covers for the 300's adjustable rockers, so I'm guessing they took a '57 New Yorker engine and put the dual quad 300 manifold on with a special aircleaner. There was also a copy of "Old Cars Price Guide" with the display that listed the Executive Special Order as worth an extra 30%. Has anyone else ever seen one of these or heard of them before? It was completely new to me. I have heard rumors of a few '55 Plymouths with 270 Hemis in them, but no substantiation. This '57 appeared to be genuine in every respect. Paul Hoffmeyer


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