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I've made two posts referring to the 396 C.I. poly!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 13, 2001


I wasn't able to find the post you referred to on the 62-65 site,BUT I have two posts on here where I discussed that you can make a 396 c.i. poly with Mopar Performance's new 4" stroke LA crank (which only costs $349!. They are: "62-up engine would greatly help" JAN. 19,2001 and in the archived discussion area is: "LA Cranks in A [poly] blocks/key to 396 ci Poly!" 11-14-00 (now way down at the bottom of this page)

The 396 c.i. displacement applies for a .060" overbore block with the 4" stroke crank. I have heard of several 355 c.i. Polys since the '80's, these were (and can still be) built with 360 LA cranks with the main bearings turned down to the 318 (yes,both poly AND LA 318) size. Now though, you could just get a new crank from M.P. with the 3.58" stroke and 318 bearing size. The 4" stroke crank (circle track app.) is cast, but this would be fine for a street engine (and it's dirt cheap,too!). If you insist on a forged crank,you could use the M.P 3.79" crank and this would be a 375 c.i. at .060" overbore,the forged crank would be good for all-out racing or nitrous applications.


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