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Needless to say,Brad,I like the stroker poly idea!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 13, 2001


The 'ideal' stroker poly would have bigger valves and a hotter camshaft. Both items would have to be custom made,this would be the most difficult part of doing the 'ideal' stroker poly. However,you could easily build a mild 390 (.030")/ 396 (.060") poly for street use with stock valves (which are bigger than the '67-87 318 LA valves) and a mild regrind of your camshaft to,say,260 duration and .490 lift (hypothetical example). This would be an excellent engine for a regular driver. You'd really need a four-barrel carb,and headers would be a good idea even for a street engine as there are no good-flowing exhaust manifolds for the poly.

The stroker poly is part of my 'invisible rod' idea to upgrade a 318 / 3-on-the-tree car. The car would appear to have a four barrel 318 and a 3 speed. The engine would actually be a 390/396 and the transmission would be a later all-synchro 3-speed with a Gear Vendors splitter fitted to make it a six-speed. Now all I need is another 318 3-speed car to PUT all this stuff in!

A stroker poly could also use the 62-64 A-pattern 727,which are very strong and could handle a race poly easily. Bonus is that people swapping big blocks into early B-bodies (Max Wedge clones or just hot street machines) have no use for the A-pattern 727 behind the poly they pulled out,and will be eager to sell you the A-727 for cheap (or if you're really lucky,GIVE it to you free!) just to get it out of their hair. A-727's are easy finds in yards having early B bodies,as everyone wants the B-engine 727 instead. Yet the A-727 of '62-64 is the same transmission internals as the B-727,so it's just as strong (just in a different front casing pattern). So the stroker poly can have a strong and cheap tranny behind it,that's even shifted with your '57-61 TF pushbuttons!

It's about time some people made some stroker polys,Brad,I'm up for it......


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