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'59 Chrysler wagon swapping

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 15, 2001


You can use the '68 Chrysler wagon rear,that's a good choice. You '59 is a wagon and has more room in the wheelwells than sedans. My recommendation for the narrower Dodge-Ply C-body rears was more for swaps into sedans,particularly the '60-'61 Dodge-Ply sedans that have the least wheelwell clearance of any Forward Look car. Johnny Milkshake managed to get a Chrysler rearend to fit his '61 Fury with some hammering on the wheelwells but your '59 wagon should have no such problem.

The '65 Dodge 383 and Torqueflite would also be a good swap. Fortunately for you the '65 tranny is the same as the '62-64 except for the valve body. Change it to the '62-64 pushbutton valve body,and it will shift with your '59's dash pushbuttons. The government mandated the PRND321 shift pattern starting for the 1965 model year.


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