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'59 Chrysler wagon swapping,Part 2

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 15, 2001


The '68 rear is only " wider there? That's better than I thought. No,that won't make a difference. I believe that the A-engine pattern and B-engine pattern 727's from '62-64 are the same internally, which is good for you as the A-727 would be easier to find. I'll look in my books just to make sure, but right now I'd say that would work. If you can remove and replace the stock '65 valve body,you can do the swap;it will be a bolt-in replacement. So basically if you can rebuild a transmission, you can swap the valve body. You have some good pieces to add to this car,I think you'll be really be happy with it when it's done. The automatic is the best overall swap transmission, my '60 wagon has a 4-speed manual and that raised the difficulty level a little bit (take my word for it!). The average home swapper should use a '62-65 automatic like yours....


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