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One More Thing....

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 16, 2001


It occured to me today that I should mention that all V8 '73-76 A-body rearends are 8" rearends UNLESS the car was a '73 340/'74 360 AND four-speed manual(THEN it would have an 8"!).See,Brian DID say he wanted an 8 rear in his post.

The catch is,ANY A-body 8" rear is a rare and de$irable piece. And most of them you could find nowadays would be pre-'73 5x4 (small) bolt pattern. If you don't luck out and find the quite rare '73-74 V8 4-speed rearend,the next best option would be put B-body drums on the '67-'72 A-body rear.

P.S. If the truck had a mild V8 (especially an automatic),I think the 8" rear would be durable enough and it would be easy (and CHEAP) to get.


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