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Re: Good idea! (and more about your tranny)

From: Eric Carlson
Date: February 17, 2001


Great!!!!! Maybe this '63 361 push-button this guy has will be the valve body I need. What are the chances the drive shaft out of the '68 Chrysler wagon will bolt right in the '59 Chrysler with the '68 rearend? One more thing, after taking the '65 383/tranny out of the '65, will the '68 Chrysler 383/tranny bolt right in the '65? Thanks so much, I think this '59 wagon is going to be cruisin' soon. I took a chance on this car. Not knowing anything on how to get it upgraded, I knew I wanted the car, so I sold my '59 Chevy wagon, I admit it, I owned a Chevy! My '65 Dodge wagon drives so nice, I wanted that same feel in the '59 Chrysler. Thanks..Eric


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