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Thoughts on this switch

From: Brian Cooper
Date: March 02, 2001


I am not going to become popular with this statement, but here it is. I would rather see a beautiful old MoPar out there slaying brand X after being made into a convertible than see it rust into the ground in a boneyard. I don't have the money to fix the 57 two door wagon I have, but someone may want to one day. I feel that turning a hardtop into a convertible is a flawed plan, but if the car were a four door post car like my beloved 57, I would not see the moral issue. There are structural reasons not to do this modification, BUT, if the car were rebuilt with a full custom frame designed to take the stresses a convertible had, then modifying a sad hulk into a glorious beast again might be the right thing to do. That said, I can't bring myself to cut up my 57, but if the emotional attatchment weren't there, then I would probably make it into the convertible I have always wanted. This discussion has become a large fight on the Plymouth Owners discussion forum, and I hope it won't here. Our Finland Friend is under strict legal constraint that I hope the US never adopts regarding his personal property, so the conversion is not going to be possible, but I don't think the car should be abandoned either. I thank God that I live in a state where we don't even have inspections, much less smog laws like California. Saving a car is a much higher calling than junking it, no matter if the car is severly modified, or nut and bolt restored. Either way, the ammount of dedication, devotion, thought, and frank overengineering that go into a project like my 50 Dodge truck will make the subject car many times better than anything made in the fifties or sixties.


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