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Posts on this one are interesting,to say the least!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 02, 2001


Well now I've seen a couple of F/L era sedans where they simply cut off the roof,you know the "Poor Man's Convertible". I don't support that IN ANY case,but then again maybe Veera means he wants to do a "true" convertible conversion,not just hack the roof off. Did Veera means he wants a working top and add structural reinforcements as appropriate?

Now,if someone wants to build a custom conversion from a car in bad shape that would otherwise never see the road again,that's a better cause than just hacking off the roof of a perfectly good car.

The problem is that it would take so much time and money to do this right that anyone considering this would be much better off finding a factory made convertible. I realize Forward Look ragtops are in shorter supply in Finland than in the U.S. but the wise Finnish would-be owner should try to find a real conv. in the U.S./Sweden/Europe if at all possible! Even the hassle and cost of shipping would be a lot less than what you'd have to go through to do a good conversion of a 4-dr. into a convertible.

If Veera decides to go ahead and 'damn the money' I would say if he converted the car to convertible but left it four-door (the HT windows are pillarless,you know) it would be interesting as a 'phantom'/'what if?' car. Sort of like Mopar Mel's '58 'Fury' conv.,but his didn't need massive structural re-doing like Veera's would. If Veera is willing and able to do this car right,well it could be interesting.


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