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Re: Newport -61 from 4dHT to convertible kustom

From: Roger
Date: March 03, 2001


I think that there is only one persons thoughts that really count on this subject....And that is the thoughts of the owner of this vehicle. We are not all into concourse corect vehicles, and all are not into custom hot rods, most are somewhere inbetween. This man has had to justify his actions, or proposed actions to the people on this site, and that is not right. This man owns this vehicle, and has the right to do whatever he wants with it. Do you write in and get permission to run 14 inch tires on your car if it came out with 15s, I doubt it, and it is no different than what he is doing, just changing to suit his own wants. If it upsets you what he wants to do, offer him a price that he can't refuse, and do what you want with it. just my 2cents. Dodger


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