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From: Rich
Date: March 04, 2001


Anybody know if different crankshaft pulleys were used in '58? I just got my engine back and now my crankshaft pulley & water pump/generator no longer line up. The crankshaft pulley is now in a 1/2 inch to far. Looking at the manual it is not the same pulley, as I have, this is the same pulley that was on the engine prior. Also the manual shows a damper with a pulley bolting to it mine is one piece with 2 threaded holes. Am I missing something? Do I have the wrong pulley? or my guess is that there was a spacer between the pulley and seal which was left out? I haven't called the shop yet to see if they had any extra pieces left over, since they are closed on weekends, but I still would like to know if I even have the right pulley. (the timing marks do line up with the #1 cylinder). THANKS Rich.


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