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From: Kenny J.
Date: March 06, 2001


The '58-'59 pulley for the 230 six should be a harmonic balancer with a pulley groove ring pressed onto it with a rubber insert between the damper and the ring. It appears to be a one piece pulley at first glance. A plain pulley won't dampen vibrations and the big damper with the ring bolted one further out won't line up. I learned not to trust shop manual illustrations because 1.) There are sometimes production changes after publication 2.) The same photos are used year after year to show *general* assemblies and aren't always up to date and 3.) These photos are often "airbrushed" or doctored up. The pulley used on your six should still be available from Len Dawson. I don't have the part number handy, but I'd recommend an N.O.S. unit. My original one came apart due to the rubber being damaged by years of heat and oil contamination. None of the machine shops offering to repair these units could guarantee how long a repair would last. I hope this information helps you.


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