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Lots of info here about later C-body axle swaps,just scroll down

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 12, 2001


Myself and others have posted a lot on here about swapping 65-73 Mopar C-body rear axles into Forward Look-era cars. If you intend to drive your Forward Look car more than 'on & off a trailer',I can't recommend this swap highly enough. My '60 Ply. wagon has had a '70 Sport Fury rear axle for several years now and I couldn't be happier with the results. You can also fit the 1965-68 axle shafts to the '57-61 8 rears and drill the five holes in each rear drum like I did on my '61 Fury (if it's a good rear like a 3:55 Sure-Grip that's worth keeping!), which will make them as easy to service as the later drums,but really most people should just swap in the C-body rear 'drum to drum' and then you'll have brakes you can get drums for anywhere.


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