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New 3:73 Sure Grip 3rd Member from Randy's

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 15, 2001


Actually Randy's Ring and Pinion sells new 3rd Members ready to bolt right into your 8" axle housing,just order the 3:73 ratio and limited slip. (they can supply other kinds of limited slip besides Sure-Grip also). Since all the moving parts in the case will be new/rebuilt,it remains cost-effective for what you get. Then you could use the 1965-68 regular axle shafts and later drum assemblies,all on this original 8 housing. The 56.5" dimension might be good in that you'd have " extra on each side to allow for variance in wheel offset. (esp. if you were going to use aftermarket wheels)

None of this rearend stuff would cost more,really, than doing the same things to a 9 inch Ford.

Dana 60's were/are used in Dodge,Ford,Chevy and even Jeep trucks in various years. Get a new Cummins Dodge 3500 series with a stickshift and you get a Dana 80 (!!) in the rear (Dana 60 in front,too;if truck is 4wd).


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