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Re: Gold Anodizing

From: Rick  Chaplin
Date: March 17, 2001


There used to be a chrome shop in Hunington, West ("By God") Virginia, that had a vat big enough that could anodize the '57-'58 Plymouth silver/gold aluminum,(loomnum')quarter trim peices without folding them in two. If I remember, the price wasn't all that bad. Now when I contacted them, this was back in the middle '80's, and like I said,it was the only shop out of the middle/eastern United States that had a vat big enough to handle the seven foot something quarter peices. I'll try and go through my old Fury stuff, (I don't think all of that imformation got destroyed) and see if I can find their address and number. If you don't see the address 'posted', and you're still interested, E-Mail me back, and I'll ask some freinds that live in the southern part of the state, if that place is still in busniess.


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