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Re: 440 engine swap

From: John in WI
Date: March 17, 2001


I am using a 440, about a 78 vintage, that is now sitting in a 66 Coronet. I do not get the tranny with the deal Tell me if I am on the right track...If I use the TF from my 59 361 car, it should bolt up to the newer 440? Will the 361 motor mounts work on the 440? Otherwise, I should find a 65 tranny and put a valve body in from a 62 - 64 TF? Or, I need to put in a 66 -newer TF and use a floor shifter? Nest question is: Can I use a steering column out of a newer Chrysler Prod. and use a linkage column shift? Thanks, John in WI


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