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Re: Gold Anodizing

From: Rick Chaplin
Email:       (304) 296-1954
Date: March 18, 2001


I dug around in some of my junk paperwork, and finally found the address/number of the chrome shop that has a vat big enough to to the Plymouth aluminum trim pieces. Tri-State Electroplating 2113 Manchester Ave. Hunington, WV 25703 (304) 529-2579 Acording to my notes here, I talked to a 'Big Ed' his home phone is (304) 529-9584. Also, I have a '84 date on this note. Weither they are still in business, is anybodys guess. I didn't send any of my aluminum trim pieces to them, because shortly after my correspondence with 'Big Ed' I found a almost complete N.O.S. '58 Fury Gold set. Good Luck!


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