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Re: Correct gas tank color for 58 Ply

From: Mike "Pony" Poniatowski
Date: March 19, 2001


Brad, I recently took out my 58 Belvedere's tank, and here's what I found. The very top of the tank was bare metal covered with an old bronish colored felt like piece of insulator or gasket material of some kind. The paint under the car where the gas tank was seated was grey by the way. The rest of my tank was very heavily undercoated. I tried stripping & chiseling the crap off (once the tank was emptied and very well aired out) and the undercoat was almost indestructable! So I decided to leave it, since the tank's insides were like new (23k original miles on it)and just shot a few coats of the 3M undercoat over the factory stuff to make it look pretty. From chiseling away at the original undercoat on my tank, the original undercoat was just black, nothing special. I can dig out my pics of the tank (showing the bare metal on the top) and try to have someone scan them in and send em to you if you like?


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