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balancer/pulley, straight six, PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

From: rich
Date: March 21, 2001


I think I finnally got the right pulley, balancer but guess what?!!! The belt still does not line up!!! Now with this balancer I can not even use the bolt to attach to the crankshaft if I pull it out where everything lines up. What am I doing wrong, the generator and water pump pulley line up perfect. Can anyone please tell me if there is a gap between the timing chain cover and balancer or how this is supposed to line up. If I put the balancer on all the way in all the marks/grease/dirt line up. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP, if I can get this figured out I can actually have this car running!! Please see crankshaft pulley question about three weeks ago. THANKS RICH.


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