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440 engine swap

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 21, 2001


Well,no your '59 TF won't bolt to '62 up engines. (the crankshaft flanges in all A and B series V8's were changed in 1962,to 6 bolts from the earlier 8 bolts,the flange protudes " less from the blocks also) Indeed I said the '65 with the pushbutton valve body is the 'ideal' transmission,but the '62-64 B-pattern 727's will all work. The '62 Chrysler/Dodge 880 tranny even uses the driveshaft parking brake like the '57-61's,so it might be your 'ideal' if you kept the original rearend. Failing all this the floorshift '66-up Flite would be a good idea. The '65-up Mopar steering columns that would HAVE column shifting have very different mounting systems,angles,etc. from the '64-earlier cars,transplanting one of those would be a nightmare even for an experienced swapper. The floorshift would save massive headaches there,and of course the '66-up Flites have more performance parts available so there is an argument for using them...

The 361 motor mounts will basically work,but they may have to be moved slightly to acheive the ideal engine position,especially with transmission and driveshaft changes. For instance,the left motor mount on my 440 '60 Ply. wagon is " back from its stock position. My wagon has a 4-spd. manual and a longer driveshaft,whereas on an auto car you may not have to move the mount;but in drivetrain swaps it's always good to watch out for such variables and do it right for YOUR car.


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