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New Guy just joined

From: Frank J. Worsham, Jr.
Date: April 03, 2001


Greetings forward look fans. I just joined the forward look web pages today. Been looking "forward" to it for a long time. Let me introduce myself. I have a 1959 Plymouth Fury 4-door sedan. She's red and white 318 2x4bbl (dealer installed). Got some neat options. Beam changer, power seat, power brakes, power steering, mirror-matic, dealer dual antennas, dual mirrors, vanity mirror, sport deck, windshield washer pump, back up lights, variable wipers, Torqueflite, 3.31 sure grip, rear defroster. Recently added factory type A/C and Model AP-1 record player. Also have or had at this point front bumper wing guards. Need the drivers side wing guard. Previous owner demolished that one. Anyone got one for sale? As for the previous owner he was a college kid using it as a daily driver. His parents bought it for him. He wanted a Chritine (don't we all) but did not accept the car and SEVERLY mis-treated it. When I got it seven years ago I was 14 so, just like Johnny Cash sang one piece at a time, that's what I've been doing. Don't think I'm some rich young punk. I work every day and every hour I can to afford to restore this car. Not easy.... this stuff is more expensive then I ever thought. Oh well keeps me off the streets. Since I don't have alot of money, I do alot of work myself. If any forward look fan has an electronic question on a radio or beam changer, AP-1, or mirror-matic, etc. E-mail m I'll try to help. This it what I'm good at since every electronic gismo from the 50's is pretty much broke by now and I've repaired each. Anyways glad to join the group, hope to talk forward look with all of you soon.


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