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brakes squeal like a pig

From: Gavin
Date: April 08, 2001


Hi all. Hope someone out there can help me. I have a (Canadian built) '60 Belvedere that has a seemingly insoluble problem with its brakes. They work just fine but frequently squeal like a stuck pig when applied hard. (Usually when some imbecile steps out on a pedestrian crossing assuming my car can stop as quickly as a new one... the consequent look of terror on their faces makes up for it a bit but it's still pretty embarrassing. Especially if any police cars are in the vicinity !) If memory serves the drums are the oversized taxi variety and have been skimmed at least once to try to make sure they are round. The shoes have been changed and checked professionally several times. Lastly, If the car is left for a while the brakes behave themselves fine for a few hours before reverting to squealing again, suggesting that a bit of rusting might be the case here perhaps ?? Anyone got any ideas ??? yours hopefully, Gavin

p.s. I sure hope I can get this sorted soon because someone wants me to use the car for their wedding in August and somehow I don't think the bride would appreciate arriving to the accompaniment of squealing brakes !!!


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