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need to know dashboard style differences between 58 and 59 DeSoto - building model car

From: Drew Wanner
Date: April 10, 2001


I enjoy building models and collecting promos. About 20 years ago JoHan reintroduced the 59 DeSoto and Chrysler 4-door hardtops without the interiors.

Well, a man in Virginia now makes resins of the 58 DeSoto 4-door hardtop. I plan to buy one from him, but wondered if I asked him to make an extra interior tub, I know it would fit right but the dashboard is what I wonder about.

What if any are differences in dashboard detail between the 58 and 59 DeSotos?

Also, what are differences in detail between that same 58 DeSoto and a 59 Chrysler?

I hope someone can help - I've never seen a photo of a 59 DeSoto or 59 Chrysler dash, so I cannot tell from looking. I know what the 58 DeSoto dash looks like to use as a basis for comparison.

Email me at if you can help -thanks! DREW


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