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Re: I am REALLY beginning to hate that feeling...  And losing my ...

From: Brian Cooper
Date: April 11, 2001


Lots of options:

1: Get a brake pedal conversion from MP brakes or Fat Man Fabrications to put a new master cyl on your pedal.

2: Get a hanging pedal out of a junkyard and modify your firewall to make the pedal fit and put a master cyl. on the firewall.

3: Go to

this will give you disc brakes up front. Or you can contact PlyDo for their high buck disc kit. For the rears, you are on your own, I don't know of a conversion that doesn't involve swapping rear ends.

4: Get a lot of coat hangers unbent and make templates to bend your own brake lines, since that is what you will have to do. If you really want to get trick, split the wheels so you have one front and one rear on opposite sides of the car powered by each side of the master cyl. This is the safest, and hardest to plumb.

Good luck...


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