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Re: Wandering '58

From: Al bosley
Email: ***
Date: April 13, 2001


Re wandering on 58’s: As Boyd said these vehicles are very sensitive to correct suspension settings. BE SURE that they are adjusted to specks listed in service manual. This is not an easy job since they use shims on the upper control arm mountings. DO NOT let some one set it to what they THINK is correct! In addition, the tie rods are very short on these cars so it is important that the center link be “level” (parallel with a line through the pivot centers of the 2 lower control arms) Slightly shift the gear on it’s mounts – there is some free play and/or carefully bend the idler arm bracket to make it so. Check and replace the idler arm bushing is the least bit warn or lose. Be sure the cross shaft adjustment is done per service manual instructions. Try switching your tires front to rear and see if that helps. Run the rear tires at max pressure listed on sidewall and the fronts 2 psi less. Be sure the car height is correct (not low)


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