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Sounds like an .030" overbore 360 block

From: Daven Anderson
Date: April 18, 2001


The stock bore on 340's is 4.04" (and they have a 3.31" stroke,same as the 318). 360's have a 4.00" bore with a 3.58" stroke. It sounds like you have a 360 block with a .030" overbore,which would be 4.03"! There's nothing wrong with building up a good 360 engine,for a big '57-61 car with an automatic it would be a better choice overall than the high-winding (big bore/short stroke) 340.

You could throw in the [360 mains] 4" stroke crank ($379 from Mopar Performance) and that would make your engine 408 cubic inches!


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