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From: Kenny J.
Date: April 20, 2001


A neighbor of mine (whom I do not know) is selling a nice 1960 Dodge pick up truck. He's asking $3,500. It has a running 318 and has a 3 speed stick. It needs a windshield and has been converted to an aftermarket electronic ignition. The grille and brightwork are excellent. The guy stopped driving it several years ago. He said he has owned it since 1963. I can get the phone number if anybody is interested. The other person living near us with the red & white '58 hardtop is restoring it now, so it's not for sale. He's going back to the original tan color and shedding the "Christine-wannabe" red & white. If he gives up on the project and wants to sell, I'll let you know about it.


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