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Re: I need camshaft spec's for the 58, 318 fury engine

From: Gary
Date: April 20, 2001


I searched my files and couldn't find any specs on the Fury cam, but I did build a Poly engine with an aftermarket cam. Again, I couldn't find the specs, but it was an Isky "3/4 race" cam. I put it in my son's '66 Satellite and was very pleased with it. It seemed to help all through the power band. I also installed a stock AVS carb on a stock 4-bbl intake manifold using an adapter. Between the carb, electronic ignition, cam and dual exhausts with the stock manifolds, we picked up about a second in the quarter. It ran low 15's and 85-87 mph on street tires. The nice part was there was no loss of gas mileage and it could get over 20 mpg on trips.


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