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Control Your Brat!!

From: Brian Cooper
Date: April 30, 2001


The wife and I took the 57 to the Monetta Drive In theater this weekend where some stupid brat flung a suburban door onto my fresh paint!! I was so mad I couldn't talk. The white trash father didn't even discipline the child. Now I have a 2.5 inch londg dent in my rear door. I found a MoPar lover who runs the local paintless dent repair company and he said it sounded like a $65 dent over the phone, I think he is cutting me some slack since I have a MoPar, but I am still pissed. The moral of the story is if you cannot control your child around my car, I will control it for you!!! I will never be nice again after this quite infuriating experience. It isn't so much the dent but the sorry, worthless excuse of a father who didn't even give a damn about my precious iron or seem to notice his bastard was misbehaving that torqued me.


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