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changing a '61-361 torqueflite into 318 powerflite Christine

From: "KevFin" Mueller
Date: May 03, 2001


Hi everyone: I'm new here and I could sure use a hand. I have already read every related article on these boards.

I have a '58 Plymouth Belv. coupe I pulled from a junk yard. She'd been unceremoniously dumped there after spending the last 24 years in a cozy garage with a stuck motor.

I have been driving the car (thanks to a half gallon of WD-40) despite the uncooperative tranny that I have given up on saving anyway.

I have a 3 spd pushbutton set for the Plymouth, and a complete torqueflight in a 61 Chrysler Newport, on the 361 V-8.

I understand that there are diferences in the bell housings between these motors, but it appears from an old Chiltons I have, that the powerflight and the torqueflight may have been the same trannys, regardless of engine size, with different torque converters and bell hosings used for the different sized motors. Is this true?

If so, is it possible to use the bell housing and torque converter on Christine's 318 with the torqueflight off of the larger engine in the 61 Newport?

I hate to tear into the project without knowing ahead of time what to expect as I want to drive it some more this summer! Iola Wisconsin has a great show I want to attend in all of my grey primer glory!

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

Sincerely, KevFin


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