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Parking Brake Adjustment

From: Brian Cooper
Date: May 05, 2001


I amy be the only one here that is keeping their stock parking brake (doh!) so y'all my not know the answer to this. My parking brake seems to stick, so the car won't move when released. THe handle is springing back fine, but I have to floor it to break the brake (say that five times fast) loose sometimes. Is this poor adjustment? The handle comes almost all the way out to set the brake, so I think I need to tighten it up, but I am afraid I might make things worse. Is this a shoe problem, drum problem, adjustment problem, or cable problem? I have never touched it in the last ten years, and am certain no one else has for the past twenty at least (says Dad, the last owner), so I may be in for a big problem. Any advice before I start throwing money away trying to fix it?


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