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Is your car auto or stick?

From: Daven Anderson
Date: May 08, 2001


As you may know,there are two different brakes for our cars,external contracting band for manual transmissions and internal expanding for automatic cars. Odds are you have an internal expanding brake (the better of the two!). In both types the lining (manual)/linings + shoes (auto) may not fully release when the handle is pulled. In fact one time my '60 wagon's external type stuck even on full throttle and made a HUGE cloud of smoke! I had to jack up the car and release the lining entirely,not very much fun if you ask me. Just on a limb I'd say it's a weak (old) return spring in the assembly,but it could be a shoe adjustment issue also. Lucky the internal expanding is like the service brakes so it's pretty easy to diagnose (in person,not over the internet!). A good E-brake service at this point would be wise.


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