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'65-68 "742" axle shafts can replace '57-64 tapered shafts

From: Daven Anderson
Date: May 15, 2001


You can't use the 1969-73 "489" axle shafts because the 3rd member gears are different,but the 1965-68 "742" axle shafts are compatible with the '57-64 8" third member drive gears. Changing to newer drum assemblies along with the '65-68 shafts will simplify this install considerably! My '61 Fury has a 3:55 Sure-Grip,so I did want to keep that as well as the axle housing. I can't recommend this swap highly enough,it's a 'must' for any Forward Look car that's actually driven more than 'on & off a trailer'!


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