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Poly 318 Dual Quad linkage Question..............??

From: Mike "Pony" Poniatowski
Date: June 07, 2001


I have recently changed my factory 1958 Plymouth 318 2bbl to a factory cfb dual quad setup w/cast iron factory intake. The engine work was done at a rebuilder's shop, and the engine was bored over slightly and a slightly larger cam was also installed. Now I need help figuring out the linkage. Can anyone tell me if there is a TRANSMISSION kick down rod that goes from the carb(s) to the firewall junction to the trans? As far as the ACCELERATOR linkage is concerned, how long is the rod from the firewall junction to the carbs? I have heard that the Edelbrock dual quad linkages work well, but do they include the trans kickdown rod that goes to the firewall junction (if there is even supposed to be one connected to the carbs)? Will I have any problems using the factory linkage rods from the 2bbl setup that go from the firewall junction down to the accelerator pedal and transmission? As far as adjusting the rod that connects the 2 carbs together, can anyond advise on when you want the front carb to start opening? At about 1/2 throttle I would guess? Any other help and advise from anyone who has already converted a 2bbl car to the factory cfb dual quads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.............Mike


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