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Re: Poly 318 Dual Quad linkage Question..............??

From: Frank J. Worsham, Jr.
Date: June 07, 2001


Hey Mike, I'm in the same boat you are. I had a 318 2bbl that I converted to a dealer installed 2x4bbl set up. I got a '57 Fury manifold and carbs and got '58 Fury air cleaners. You can get a reproduction interconnecting rod from Kramer Automotive Restoration for about $100. I use it and it works very well. Basically, when the rear carb is at full throttle, the front should be at full throttle. If you get the Kramer repro the front carb will start to engage at about half throttle (if I remember correctly) just like the factory set-ups did. As far as I've done I've kept the two-bbl trans linkage on there and made a CRUDE rod from the bell crank to the rear carb. Transmission wise it should work but I have ALOT of foot pedal pressure that I didn't have before so, something tells me that I don't have it right. Please let me know what you find. Good Luck, Frank


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