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Re: 57/58 Belvedere-Whats the difference?

From: Jon Grayson
Date: June 08, 2001


All the previous posts are, of course, correct. Some more of the 'minor' differences:

'57 V-8 models had a gold V mounted on each fender, while the '58s had a V mounted in the center of the grille.

'57s had a mayflower logo mounted in the center of the grille.

'57 dashboard aluminum was embossed with round dots, '58s with small crosses.

hubcaps were different

'57s had longer chrome fender spears without the promounced fin that the '58s had.

'57s had PLYMOUTH in chrome letters across the hood, '58s across the deck lid.

'58s had a chrome plymouth emblem mounted on the hood.

Power steering gears were different...'57 used coaxial, '58 used recirculating ball.

Now here's a follow-up Q for the experts...the '57 had two different valences below the front bumper, both of which were painted silver. Early '57s had larger holes than late '57s. There are also two different '58 valences. One has aluminum strips on each 'grille' bar, the other has the bars color keyed to the body. Is this an early/late year modification, or an extra-dollar option? I'm happy to say mine has the aluminum bars, but I've always wondered about that.


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