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Re: what should I do

From: Boyd Crompton
Date: June 12, 2001


The 301,318 Polys are good strong and reliable engines. The 318 dual four setup on the 57 plymouth was rated at about 290 hp. That is plenty of power for everyday driving. Going with a later model big block would give you more hp and torque for sure but you also will have to consider the suspension and brakes on these cars. The more power you have the more important brakes and suspension become. You should consider swaping out the 2 speed trans for a 3 speed torqueflite. Its a stronger trans and also will give the car better acceleration and driving charactoristics. Normally, keeping a car close to original will make it more valuable as well. I am all for modifiying these cars myself. I decided to keep the 318 dual four setup in my 58 but I went with some Edelbrock carbs and a Mallory electronic distributer for better reliability. These mods can easily be changed back to stock should I ever decide to sell the car.


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