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55ply  frontend

From: Frank Skut
Date: July 02, 2001


Putting a 440 in my 55ply. Put a power rack in to give me more room. Took the springs out of the a-frames so I could jack them up and down to check my toe-in. It is not good enough for me. The tie rods have to be longer but I can't make them any longer. I think the problem is that the pivot point for the tie rod with the rack is to close to the upper aframe pivot point. It should be closer to the lower aframes pivot point. But I can't do this. Can I put the aframes from another car who lower aframe is not as longer as the 55 is. What year car would work best. Or would I be better off putting a hold front clip on. hope someone out ther has had this problem and has found the answer. Thank you . Frank


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