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Re: 318 Poly questions

From: Harry Doody
Date: July 03, 2001


I just had my 1958 318 ci poly rebuilt. It has a 4V carb and the cam in it was a little racer than the standard cam. The machine shop that did the engine work was able to find a replacement cam for the 4V carb engine. A year ago I met a guy at a car show who was one of the Chrysler engineers who worked on the poly engine. He is now retired but he said they only had two cams - they used the standard and the racer cam in the 4V and 2x4V 318 ci poly engines. I have to point out that the cams in the 66 and later 318 ci are different than the cams from the poly 318 ci engines. The later will fit in the early poly 318 (A engine) but the engine will not start the lobes are not the same and I believe the firing order is different on the LA or late 318 ci engine.


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