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From: alumcan
Email:            (304) 296-1954
Date: July 10, 2001


Question: How many people did Christine kill in the MOVIE?? Awnser: 10,,,,,and one hand. (the hand really don't count) Let's re-cap. First death: Cigar smoking dude on the assembly line. Second death: Lebay's brother's (Roland) daughter choked. Third: Lebay's brother's wife (Rita) suicided on carbon monixide. Fourth: Lebay's brother died the same way she did. "He ran a little hose from the exhaust,,,,,," Fifth: Moochie cruched in a loading dock. Sixth: Tralini,(I can't spell it, you know, the dumb kid with the afro) chrushed by the Camaro. Seventh: Vandeberg, blown up by spilled gas out of the Camaro. Eight: Buddy, run over. Nine: Darnell, (that idiot. 'rich', your description of him was right on!) tried to get confortable in a burn up car..... Ten: The star, Arnie. Yes, Christine killed Arnie. Look real close at that secene, there is no roof or windshild post on the car as Arnie 'flies through the windshield'. There you have it. 9 deaths were close but, 'no cigar.' "pony", this daughter of mine probably forgot more about 'horror movies' that most people will ever know! She just camne up with another Christine triva question. Sure enough. I didn't know the awnser and had to go look for my self, she was right. Do you know a lot of movie, or just horror movie trivia? Here is my daughter's E-Mail address, if you two want to exchange triva tidbits. Let me tell you, she's smart in horror movies only. I might post the next Christine trivia question tomorrow, to see if any one can guess the right awnser.


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