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From: Steven Dean
Date: July 10, 2001


It was September or October of 1983... I went with my family to the new car show down at the Miami Beach Convention Center showcasing the new (and lame) 1984 models... As I sulked and meandered around the paltry current offerings, my eyes caught a massive glimmer of chrome from one of the aisles near the far end. There, parked directly on the aisle between the dealer kiosks... was a red and very bad '58 Plymouth. And it was looking directly at me. I gravitated toward the car. It had a rectangle of movie theater roping around it... There were "don't touch" warnings on the glass. It was gorgeous!!! I'd never seen such a car. There was a folding table in front of the car with a small TV constantly looping the trailer promoting a new movie coming out that Christmas. The movie, of course, was "Christine". They had a stack of black bumper stickers they were giving away that said "I am Pure Evil...I am Christine" Incidentally, the same bumper sticker that is on the '58 in "Cat's Eye"... I took the whole stack... (Where they went, who knows, so please don't ask, sorry) Anyway, I was in love. This was my first contact with a '58... and the beginning of an obsession that lasts to this day. Of course I went to see the movie as soon as it came out. I had to ride my bike there since I didn't drive yet. Honestly, the movie did not leave much of an impression, but the car, that damn car....!!! I remember cringing everytime they scratched it. Not to mention when the Repperton gang trashes it in the garage. (I now own the DVD and still cannot sit through that scene.) I hate it when they wreck old cars in movies. Especially the Mopars. Just figured I'd share these memories with you guys. What about yours...??? Steven Dean-Tampa, Florida -'58 Savoy. '72 Sebring Plus, '00 Dakota R/T


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