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Re: Love at first site...Auto Rama '84...!!! Who remembers...

From: adam in australia
Date: July 10, 2001


I dont cringe when I see the damage to the cars, in the movie Christine..I used to too..but I now look at it this way, that single movie in Christine wrecked 14 (?) or so Plymouths, but it created a cult following of such a classic car..Many, Many people were drawn to these magnificent beasts simply due to the fact of seeing the movie..Which in turn resulted in thousands of cars which may have went to the crusher was saved, due to the movies appeal..So, I see it as a bit of a trade off, 14 (?)wrecked 1958 Plymouths for possible 1000s of restored ones world wide..Long Live Christine..Lets hope for a sequel..Maybe it will be a 1976 Chrylser Cordoba??


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