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More Christine stuff

From: Boyd Crompton
Date: July 10, 2001


I too own the dvd version of the movie and was disappointed that none of the original trailers were included. I was wondering if anybody else remembered seeing the behind the scenes program about the making of Christine. It was shown on HBO right around the time of the movies release. As I recall it had some interviews with John Carpenter and the Fabrication team that was doing the work on the cars. They also had some shots of the assembly line and showed how they put that all together. But the best part was the footage of the cars and how they did some of the effects. It would be awesome to get a hold of that some how. Maybe HBO still has it in a vault some where? I also remember that the old late night Rock video show NiteFlight gave away one of the movie cars in a mail in contest. A gentlman in Lacrosse WI won the car. I lived in WI at the time and the local news at 10 showed the car in the guys garage and they talked about it a little bit. I wonder whatever became of that car? Anyone else remember this stuff?


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